We have an expertise in real world terrain modelling. So, we can recreate real world areas in our virtual world with maximum level of similarity. In this case maximum realism of training can be reached because trainees can be maximally prepared for later training in the same place in the real world, and the most important properties of the real world have already been accounted in the simulation process.

Here you can see restoration of one of real-world city using digital vector maps, terrain imagery, 3D models library and SRTM elevation map. You can see a roads, river in the top-right, city blocks and bush / tree areas that are generated automatically from correspondent vector map. Airport environment in bottom left was added manually

Here you can see city blocks automatically generated from digital vector map data using typical for this region 3D models. Roads are automatically generated too due to digital vector map.

Here you can see relief of terrain that is used in model. This relief is taken from SRTM elevation data and corresponds to terrain in this region.

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Cultural objects are added to map using 3D models developed by our team

We develop software for automatization of terrain modelling. Using an elevation map (in SRTM or other format), terrain imagery, digital vector maps and 3D models typical for region our terrain generation module can create simulation and 3D models of a real-world area for their use in simulation.

For example, you can see relief tied to vector map. When you move mouse over the map, current geographical coordinates and elevation under the mouse is displayed. As elevation of water object is the same you can see elevation doesn’t change when you move mouse over the map. Note, all geographic coordinates are changed for demo purpose and don’t correspond to real world coordinates

Please refer to Terrain Modelling section for more details.