3D Visualization


We can make 3D visualization of any simulator view or simulated environment. Examples of our software that can be developed:

  • 3D visualization of virtual worlds on simulator display
  • Free-fly camera for an instructor to see what is happening in any part of the simulated world in real time or on post-action basis
  • Camera that is tied to a helicopter or another machine for an instructor to see the correspondent environment around the helicopter
  • Any other case when 3D visualization is necessary

Key points of our 3D visualization services:

  • HLA module for attaching to a virtual world as a viewpoint, with support of HLA 2010 Evolved protocol
  • Support of huge territories visualization (hundreds of thousands of square kms)
  • Visualization of a virtual model of a real world area. Maximum similarity to the real world area
  • High Quality realistic rendering. Staff from S.T.A.L.K.E.R computer game series
  • Display of terrain that is taken from real-world elevation matrixes (like SRTM)
  • Atmospheric, daylight, meteorological, lighting and special effects support
  • Infrared and night vision goggles views support
  • Embedded 3D editor for natural and cultural objects creating, deleting and positioning, terrain elevation modifications, forest and grass batch placing, rivers and lakes creation with ripples, waves and water flow defining etc.
  • PhysX-based physics modelling
  • Moving objects animation
  • Rich library of 3D objects such as trees, buildings, culture objects, infantry, ground vehicles, helicopters, aircrafts etc. that are created by our 3D designers
  • 3D sound generation engine

Besides we use our 3D visualization capabilities for 3D editors, like editing of terrain elevations, positioning of units, giving them orders etc.

Network HLA-based multi viewpoint integration

Usually we develop 3D visualization as standalone software that interacts with simulators and simulator applications through a distributed HLA protocol.

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Having access to a virtual world through a HLA protocol, each 3D viewpoint displays what is happening in this world in real-time synchronized mode. For example, while a helicopter pilot sees the virtual world through his cockpit windows, an instructor sees the same world with actual simulated helicopter position in this world due to HLA-based synchronization. So, we have several viewpoints to display information about the same world and any numbers of 3D (and 2D) viewpoints can be attached (even in real time) to the same simulated world according to customer’s needs.

HLA-based synchronization allows us to display on all viewpoints the unit that is simulated at a current computer. The core of this is model synchronization, when there is a distributed model, and any computer contributes changes to this model during simulation process with further synchronization of this model to all computers and viewpoints.

Huge world visualization support

We can support visualization of really huge virtual worlds (hundreds of thousands of square kilometers) due to our (LOD) level of details technology in combination with dynamic loading. Seeing a closer world with more details and a distant world with less details, we can achieve support of huge worlds seamless visualization.

High quality rendering

Quality of our 3D visualization is high, as 3D development is implemented by a part of the ex GSC Game World team (that have developed S.T.A.L.K.E.R and others game series). As graphic quality means a lot in the game industry, quality of our graphics is high too, with the use of motion blurs, texture filtering, shadows, depth cues etc.

Displaying of real world terrain

Furthermore, our 3D visualization is reliable and highly recognizable as it can display some real world areas. Rendering engine uses a digital vector map, elevation matrix, land imagery and corresponding 3D model to achieve reliability and similarity to some real world area. Pilots have reported that the virtual world they flew in is recognizable and very similar to the places in the real world they know.

Atmospheric, lighting, meteorological, daylight, special effects and volumetric clouds

According to the configuration of a scene different atmospheric, lighting, meteorological and nature effects are displayed or taken into account when rendering 3D visualization (for example, sunset, fog, dust, rain, snow, sun, horizon glow, moon, stars, raindrops, thunderstorms, volumetric clouds etc.). Time of a day condition and current atmospheric state (as configured in mission editor) are also taken into account while rendering.

As in the real world artificial effects and events exist too, we can visualize them, for example, combat fires, air unit trails, smoke, airports lights etc.

We also model special modes of visualization (e.g. night vision or infrared devices view). For flying in fog we model color shifting for realistic modelling.

We also visualize rear mirror views with correct rendering of rear image.

Physics modelling

We use PhysX to model physics in 3D visualization. This is a battle-proven technology used in the most of current modern games. This technology allows us to simulate huge environments with big amount of interacted static and dynamic objects, with collision detection and processing, objects transformations, line-of-sight check and other physical engine possibilities.

Use of PhysX allows us to process tens of thousands of units without using CPU, as this technology allows us to work directly with GPU (Graphical Processor Unit on PC graphic card). So, all unit data are loaded into PhysX for processing unit interactions using GPU.

Moving objects visualization

Of course, any dynamical changes in a virtual world (movement of machines or soldiers, different combat actions etc.) are displayed correspondingly in 3D visualization environment with relevant movements and animation.

Sound generation and processing

We use 3D sound technology that allows to model distance and direction of sounds. For example, distant exploding sound are less loud that near exploding. Aircrew members can also understand direction of the sound source.

Different specific sounds are modelled. For example, aerodynamic noise, taxing operation, takeoff run, landing gear bump sounds etc.

Model libraries

We can create 3D models and use them in 3D visualization environment according to the customer’s needs. Our designers can create any models that meet customer’s requirements: people, land types, vehicles, armament, buildings etc.

Modular approach

Besides we use modular architecture approach, we extract a visualization system to reusable module. So, we can use this 3D visualization module everywhere when we need 3D visualization, and we can use the same module for all simulators that we develop.