Mission editor

With this editor you can define missions and AI behaviour for Command & Control or Full Mission Simulators (FMS). During simulation all units have to do some combat tasks, movements, shooting etc. To describe the behaviour of these units during simulation a mission editor has been developed.

Exercise manager can define composition of aircrafts and other machines (both for man-in-the-loop and computer-in-the-loop), their parameters and positions, altitudes, current heading and speed at the start of an exercise, fuel amount, operational load, hull number, radio sign, answerback code, code sign, meteorological conditions by layers and the time of the exercise etc.

With this editor you can define in graphical way the starting points of all the aircrafts, define tasks and trajectories of flight for them and AI will complete them during simulation etc.

With this editor you can also define the starting positions and armament, threats, tasks, movement and firing rules etc. for ground machines. Exercise manager can use a 2D map for basic placement of formation and a 3D view for accurate positioning of units.

Meteorological conditions can also be set using mission editor. For each 500 meters layer in mission editor an operator can define its own atmospheric conditions, like wind, humidity, density etc.

So, as a result of working with the mission editor a customer will receive a preconfigured virtual world that can operate during simulation according to the customer’s needs.