Solution Testing Framework

As the simulator is a complex solution, testing framework has been developed for speeding up the testing process of simulator project.

Core  modules:

  • Testing service for testing On-Board systems. QA-Engineer can rapidly configure some necessary state and test the behaviour of On-Board systems fast, without bringing a simulated unit into a necessary state by turning it on, landing etc. and without involving any hardware. Just configure the state of On-Board systems and rapidly test it!
  • Stubs for HLA integration. If QA-Engineer needs to test the interaction with some unit, information about which in production comes through HLA integration, he can just use a stub that gives you the necessary information about HLA interactions.
  • Plenty of automated tests of different program modules. We cover all our modules by a set of unit and integration tests. This drastically improves quality of our solution and decreases time and cost of testing, as we can be sure that nothing  is broken after changing to sources, and as we do not  need to have so many QA-Engineers that are involved into project.

UI auto testing framework for testing UI interactions and UI related scenarios. So, an automatic script interacts through UI forms and controls to check if everything is correct.