Mission editors

We have rich possibilities for defining a mission for aircraft crews or even for a set of simulators in the same simulation environment. Different flight, battle or formation missions can be preconfigured with our mission editors and modelled later during simulation.

 An exercise manager can define the composition of aircrafts and other machines (both for man-in-the-loop and computer-in-the-loop), their parameters and positions, altitudes, current heading and speed at the start of an exercise, fuel amount, operational load, hull number, radio sign, answerback code, code sign, meteorological conditions by layers and time of the exercise etc.

A large set of pre-configured units with big amounts of properties can be used by AI engine for virtual world simulation. Besides, different terrains with tied imagery, elevation map and geospatial anchoring can be used. Besides, airports and their environment such as radar and radio stations,  command and control centers, forward air control units, airfield runways, airborne early warning systems, airfield control towers, approach radar systems, radio beacons, FAFs, airfield traffic patterns etc. can be loaded to a mission and included in simulation.

 Unit properties, geographical, airport and environments are stored separately from the missions. Thus we can use the same environment, for example, in a different mission by just linking the mission to the preconfigured environment.

Please refer to section Exercise Preparation Center for more information.