Our professional team consists of experts in different areas of simulator software development.
Lots of our specialists have master degrees from Technical Universities (like both founders of our company).
Our basic hiring principle is to hire only the professionals that like simulation development field, that like to work and investigate new technologies. We enjoy our work and like to work a lot, because S&M modelling development is our life. That’s why we have a professional team that can bring to our customers high quality solutions that meet all customers’ needs.
Having high qualified team of system architects, developers, analysts, engineers and subject-matter experts we successfully develop software for different simulators with necessary level of quality.

Subject-matter experts

Aerodynamics modelling experts

We have experts in helicopter and airplane dynamics modelling that are professors in this area and have 20+ years experience of modelling simulators and real aircrafts. They have developed a library of aerodynamic modelling of aircraft flight that takes into account parameters of propellers, wing airfoils, fuselage, etc., for calculating ascensional force and other aerodynamical parameters.
Source data packages for this model are received from test operations of real aircrafts and from the airflow inside an air tunnel. Testing of the model is performed by the airflow in the air tunnel too.

Flight modelling expert

We have an expert in dynamics of aircraft flight. He has an expertise in calculating trajectories of flight depending on different parameters of aircraft and terrain elevation.
One of the important things he can do is to model behaviour of AI controlled aircrafts that are described in mission editor. Operator can describe the points which the aircraft should pass through and AI, the logic of which is described by this expert, will model the flight of this aircraft with passing all the mission points with terrain following.

Engineering staff

Programmers staff

We have experienced Java and C++ programmers that can develop highly technological software for simulators, as they have experience in development of simulators that we have already developed.

They are not just programmers, but also applied specialists that understand physics, mathematics, aerodynamics, artificial intelligence, cartography etc.

Electro-technical engineering staff

We have electro-technical engineering staff with proper university master education. So we can read, for example, electro-technical schemes and implement them to simulator software code with proper behaviour

2D and 3D Designers

Our team has 2D and 3D designers that can develop interface design or 3D models for 3D visualization.

3D Visualization developers

Our team contains ex GSC Game World specialists that have created S.T.A.L.K.E.R game series and other GSC Game World games. We use their experience for creating realistic 3D visualization for simulators.

For example, for a helicopter simulator we have created 3D visualization of a virtual world with the size of almost 200 000 sq. kms). Despite of the size, this is high performance visualization because of our dynamic loading technology that supports huge areas for visualization.

As they came from the game world where requirements to visualization quality are high, our 3D visualization is nice-looking and with high quality.