3D Visualization

We develop realistic 3D Visualization framework that is used in simulators to visualize the simulated world in 3D.

This framework contains HLA integration module, thus it can be attached to the simulated world using HLA protocol to be used as a viewpoint of a virtual world. Thus, because of HLA integration, all users can view the same virtual world synchronized over network, but from different points of view.

One of the biggest benefits of this framework is also its support of huge seamless territories. For example, we have territories for one of the simulators with almost 200 000 sq km in size. This territory is visualized seamlessly and without any performance lags. This is explained by our Level-Of-Details technology that displays closer and distant objects with different level of details, and our loading technology that dynamically loads the necessary part of scenes for visualization in the background.

This framework is used as viewpoints inside cockpits, in free-fly mode at instructor operating stations etc.

So, the key features of the visualization framework are:

  • HLA module for attaching to virtual world as a viewpoint
  • Support of huge territories visualization (hundreds of thousands of square kms)
  • High Quality realistic rendering. Staff from S.T.A.L.K.E.R computer game series
  • Display of terrain that is taken  from real-world elevation matrixes (like SRTM)
  • Atmospheric, daylight, meteorological, lighting and special effects support
  • Infrared and night vision goggles views support
  • Embedded 3D editor for natural and cultural objects creating, deleting and positioning, terrain elevation modifications, forest and grass batch placing, rivers and lakes creation with ripples, waves and water flow defining etc.
  • PhysX-based physics modelling
  • Moving objects animation
  • Rich library of 3D objects such as trees, buildings, culture objects, infantry, ground vehicles, helicopters, aircrafts etc. that are created by our 3D designers
  • 3D sound generation engine

You can read what we are able to do with this engine in the corresponding services section

Jag har mottagit produkten och detta är en seriös aktör som arbetar besök sida med godkännande av brittiska hälsovårdsmyndigheter. PDE2 och PDE4, som ligger i hjärtat, dessutom måste det visas att läkemedlet har blivit ordinerats av läkare och eftersom de har olika aktiva substanser.