AI & Synthetic Environments

We can create synthetic environments with terrain, cultural objects, ground and atmospheric environment and different types of units controlled by AI that are used in different simulators, such as Full Mission Simulators (FMS) or Staff Officer Tactical Trainers.

Such a virtual world is simulated in real-time mode by a virtual world engine. All the missions that are created in mission editors are calculated and modelled by AI engine. In this virtual world different types of ground / aerial / marine units are moving, taking part in combats, attacking, marching, flying etc. according to their missions and led by AI according to the actual environment and combat conditions.

Here you can see restoration of one of real-world city using digital vector maps, terrain imagery, 3D models library and SRTM elevation map. You can see a roads, river in the top-right, city blocks and bush / tree areas that are generated automatically from correspondent vector map. Airport environment in bottom left was added manually

Here you can see city blocks automatically generated from digital vector map data using typical for this region 3D models. Roads are automatically generated too due to digital vector map.

Here you can see relief of terrain that is used in model. This relief is taken from SRTM elevation data and corresponds to terrain in this region.

Cultural objects are added to map using 3D models developed by our team

Here is the airdrome 3D environment for pilots can study to taxing, takeoff and landing using visual approach

This virtual world can be used for example:

  • for teaching army staff to command their formations in combat conditions in Command & Control simulator and to understand how to make correct tactical decisions in different situations
  • for teaching pilots and other machine staff to operate their machine and combat with their machine in real combat conditions
  • for displaying current combat to training instructors

Core features of the worlds that we can simulate:

  • Real-time simulation of the real world, including moving and combat actions of different unit types
  • Correspondence of a virtual world to some real world area. Elevation map, terrain imagery, digital vector maps and 3D models typical for region are used to perform it. Random terrain generation abilities
  • Thousands of simulated units in one virtual world
  • Distributed synchronized world that allows different users to work with the same world simultaneously
  • Integrated physics, including collision and damage processing. nVidia PhysX is used for high performance of such calculations
  • Rich logic of a simulated world, including bullet and shell ballistics depending on weather conditions same to ammunition and weapon characteristics, different parameters of unit that are taken into account during simulation process, trafficability etc.
  • Each unit acts according to its characteristics using physics principles. All characteristics can be changed through characteristics editors and behaviour will change based on the new characteristics.
  • Graphical editor of starting positions and mission tasks for unit and formation during simulation process
  • Support of any amounts of viewpoints, including different 2D (paper scan-based map, digital vector map etc) or 3D views
  • Rich AI (Artificial Intelligence) that makes decision for each simulated unit (AI features are described precisely below)

For example, you can see relief tied to vector map. When you move mouse over the map, current geographical coordinates and elevation under the mouse is displayed. As elevation of water object is the same you can see elevation doesn’t change when you move mouse over the map. Note, all geographic coordinates are changed for demo purpose and don’t correspond to real world coordinates

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AI features of a simulated world:

  • On each simulation step AI takes decision concerning the movement or action that should be made at the current step
  • Complex behaviour patterns are taken into account (like march of different combat arm formations from point A to point B with boarding of infantry into vehicles and overrunning a position)
  • Fire behavior modelling of each unit depending on a set of parameters, including line-of-sights checks to enemy units and types of weapons/ammunition and enemy units
  • Path finding for unit movements. Plenty of parameters are taken into account: trafficability, bypassing obstacles, shortest distance to target, march rules etc.
  • Damage calculations. All bullets and shells are flown by their ballistics, calculation of which depends on lots of properties of weapon and ammunition. Damage depends on collision detection for a bullet or distance to target to shell. Depending on damage type calculation, elimination or immobilization of a unit can take place.
  • Entrenching of units. If units are entrenched, their damaging calculations are operated as for entrenched units.

Please, read sections Synthetic Environments Engine and AI Engine for more information.