Working with hardware

Working with platform

Software we develop supports any platform type and can be extended to meet any platform-related requirements. We have developed software that successfully works with 6 degrees of freedom platform but our solution is fully extendable to other platform types, as our architecture is pluggable and each software module can be changed or extended. We also control the vibration system for maximal in-cockpit realism.

Working with display systems

As we have a solution with loosely coupled architecture, any display system can be supported. For example, we can project 3D environment on a spherical screen for out-of-cockpit view (in case of using a spherical screen) taking into account the non-linear form of screen. We can seamlessly stick together a whole image from different projectors which project parts of this 3D environment to their own parts of the spherical screen. Any numbers of projectors are supported. For example, for the Mi-8 helicopter simulator almost 20 projectors are used.

Working with cockpit devices

This 2D and 3D views for Instructor Operating Stations displays current states of in-cockpit controls and goggles.

Our On-Board systems framework supports working with hardware devices in both-way approach. For example, hardware lights could fire on or voice message could be played in the cockpit by signal from On-Board devices software. Like with any hardware the device position is reflected in On-Board Systems software and affects its work.

Besides, our On-Board systems framework is extendable and can be easily extended for supporting hardware devices from any hardware vendor.