About us

We are company with 5+ years of expertise in the field of software development for computer appliance simulators.

Our mission is to be the company that produces high quality Modelling & Simulation software solutions that maximally satisfy customer’s needs.

Having a high qualified team of system architects, developers, analysts, engineers and subject-matter experts we successfully develop Modeling & Simulation software with necessary level of quality.

As we have a development center in Eastern Europe, we can provide our customers with cost effective but high-fidelity solutions, due to the high professional level of our IT specialists and subject-matter experts.

With KHARTRON ENERGO — part of KHARTRON corporation (formerly NPO «Electropribor», one of the most powerful aerospace enterprises in the USSR) as a hardware partner, with strong subject-matter expertise, we can also develop turnkey computer appliance simulators, including both hardware and software.

Main reasons to work with us:

  • Professional team with expertise in area of Modelling & Simulation software development
  • Cost effective software development and expertise with our development center in Eastern Europe
  • Subject-matter experts in electrotechnic, aerospace and military domains
  • Turnkey-based approach. Give us a complex problem and receive the complex problem solution, including both software and hardware.
  • We can be your gate to Eastern European labor market. We have plenty of experienced professionals in the market for low rates

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