Company Profile


Our company has 5+ years of expertise in the field of computer appliance simulator software development.
We have experience in developing software for :

  • MI-8/MI-17 helicopter Full Mission Simulator (FMS)
  • Aero L-39 Full Mission Simulator (FMS)
  • Air Traffic Control Simulator
  • Command & Control Simulator

We work as a software partner of simulator development companies to provide them with all the necessary software for the simulators they produce.


  • all software modules of FMS & ATC simulators;
  • CBT analogue of FMS simulator;
  • aerodynamic, flight dynamics and air traffic management modelling;
  • airport facilities modelling;
  • physics calculations and mathematical modelling;
  • on-board systems modelling;
  • vector maps and geospatial development;
  • artificial intelligence (AI);
  • synthetic environments modelling;
  • HLA and network related development;

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the company that produces high quality Modelling & Simulation software solutions that maximally satisfy customer’s needs.

Research & development center

Having a development center in Eastern Europe we can leverage all possibilities of its IT market with a lot of high qualified programmers, QA-Engineers and other IT professionals. We also can leverage experience of many high-qualified experts in military, aerospace, electronics and other applied fields that were prepared by the USSR and post-USSR military-oriented education. At the same time our solutions are cost-effective.

Hardware & Engineering

With KHARTRON ENERGO — part of KHARTRON corporation (formerly NPO «Electropribor», one of the most powerful aerospace enterprises in the USSR) as a hardware partner, with strong subject-matter expertise, we can develop turnkey computer appliance simulators, including both hardware and software

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Key points of our expertise