HLA Framework

To simplify and speed-up HLA-related development we develop HLA Framework that supports HLA 2010 Evolved protocol. This is a skeleton that contains the base functionality that could be reused on developing a different network and Full Mission Simulators.


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For example, in HLA Skeleton, the necessary synchronization points and interactions are developed that are universal for different simulators. For instance, there are ready interactions for meteo data, exercise parameters, positioning of aircrafts, connections to exercise workplaces and users that work with these workplaces, etc.


This framework is also synchronized with our Plasticine Data Framework and integrated in it. This means that if a change to some object in the model is introduced in one of the PCs in the simulator network, the distributed model will automatically be synchronized in all the PCs that are conjoined into the simulation world.
As HLA skeleton is integrated with Plasticine Data framework, programmer even can know nothing about HLA. He just changes, for example, a coordinate of some helicopter with his program, and that’s all. After some parameter of the helicopter is changed, inside data framework the helicopter object event will be fired, and the necessary data will automatically be synchronized with other computers in the network using HLA.

So, this framework simplifies and speeds-up the development of Full Mission Simulators, as the developers only implement the logic of the program without thinking of synchronization between the computers because this functionality is transparent for them.