Relief Modelling Framework

Here you can see relief of terrain that is used in model. This relief is taken from SRTM elevation data and corresponds to terrain in this region.

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We develop technology that allows uploading elevation data from external sources into a simulation model and 3D scene with further approximation to necessary precision.

For instance, we can take elevation data in SRTM format, read it, convert data to internal simulator format (both on model and 3D scene levels), and approximate resulted terrain matrix toa necessary step (5 m, for example)

For example, you can see relief tied to vector map. When you move mouse over the map, current geographical coordinates and elevation under the mouse is displayed. As elevation of water object is the same you can see elevation doesn’t change when you move mouse over the map. Note, all geographic coordinates are changed for demo purpose and don’t correspond to real world coordinates

Core features

  • SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) support
  • Architecture that supports any source of elevation data
  • Approximation of data to necessary precision
  • Terrain generation both for simulator model and 3d visualization
  • Visual edition of relief capabilities