Network simulators (with HLA or other protocol integration)

As we use HLA for network synchronization, we can create different network simulators. For example, we can train the whole crew at the same time or train a few helicopter crews to maneuver or complete mission tasks in formation. Or you can see a helicopter flight of the helicopter simulator in an air traffic control simulator.

Abilities for team training are great. A big simulation center can be created with our software, where different types of simulators can be joined together. For example, aircraft, mechanical and marine simulators, with Command & Control and air traffic control simulators can act together in a vast virtual environment for training of inter military branches.

We develop HLA Framework for rapid development of synchronization. All synchronization codes are already written, so developers of new simulators can just concentrate on the development of simulators code, without having to waste time for an infrastructure code. This allows minimizing efforts for simulation development.

Note that we can use another interoperability protocol, like DIS, for networking on customer’s request.