We are open for partnership with companies that produce modelling & simulation (M&S) solutions.

In this case we are glad to offer you development of projects or their parts. You can leverage our experience and expertise to develop M&S solutions successfully that meets international standards as well as customers’ needs and requirements.

Despite of our expertise in producing military simulators, our company can consider offers for producing other types of Simulation & Modelling software for other industrial branches. So, we are open for any propositions and offers that are related to applied software development.

We are also ready to communicate about investments into our company.

Download our short presentation

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Working with us has the following advantages

If some part of your projects can not be delegated to non-residents of your country due to government security rules, we can make other parts of your projects that are safe for delegating according to your government law.

So, as you can see, to work with us is a good case for you, as you can reach your development goals with good economical and technical results.

Note that we take care of our customer’s security and are ready to sign any NDA’s that are required for our work.