Instructor Operating Station (IOS)

We develop an instructor operating station for monitoring and controlling the simulation.

Displaying current modelling parameters

This window displays states of Hydraulic and AI-9 Engine on-board systems at Instructor Operating Station. Also using this window instructor can introduce on-board systems malfunctions

Here you can see modelling of flight of airplane and helicopter due to their mission tasks and flight dynamics that is calculated due to mission points

 Key features:

  • Setting up participation in training, mission selection, defining roles and environment properties
  • Monitoring current parameters of a flight
  • Monitoring a current state of on-board systems
  • Introducing malfunctions for training the crew in extreme conditions; changing aircraft properties, such as fuel amount, utilized capacity etc.
  • Monitoring a current environment situation on a map (air navigation tablet)
  • 3D visualization of flight behind the modelled aircraft (or 3D out-of-cockpit view)
  • Managing control flow of the simulation: pausing, fast forward, starting and stopping simulation
  • Changing meteorological conditions, fuel amount etc. in real time, repositioning of aircrafts, fast forward of the simulation to a necessary time moment

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