Extended Digital Vector Maps Framework

This is a framework with extended functionality of digital vector maps. It is used through different simulators for a set of cases.

Main cases:

  • Mission editors: ground environment, air environment etc. For example, an instructor can use mission editors to describe radar locations, start location of other helicopters or ground and air machines etc. All these tasks he can do visually, placing signs by a mouse straight on the map. He can also describe trajectories of air objects in graphical mode just on the map in WYSIWYG style.
  • Core of air traffic control: visualization of map, air routes, radar coverings, aircraft positions, etc.
  • Visualization of ground and air environment on the instructor operating stations

Core features:

  • Secured Internet-free technology. Maps can be used from local map databases if necessary
  • Standard map operations: map moving, zooming, distance and azimuth measuring etc.
  • SRTM relief matrix that underlies vector map: moving mouse through the map you can see current elevation value. Automatic SRTM loading from the Internet module can be used if necessary.
  • Geographic-anchored map. For each object or point on the map you can see it geographic coordinates.
  • Editor of base vector map types. You can introduce a new type of map objects and reuse it in editors, different views etc. For example, aircraft parkings, command air traffic controls, beacons signs have been developed
  • Integration of application into the map view: dynamic visualization of current aircraft positions, radar scans, landing beacon visualizations, airfield traffic patterns etc.

This framework can be customized in necessary ways according the to simulator project requirements.

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