Our aim is long-term cooperation, and we are ready to develop new software and also improve existing software according to new business requirements.

We do not plan to terminate our cooperation with you. Nevertheless we guarantee that in case of termination of cooperation by each party we undertake to give you our solution source code and train your technicians to use our technology and our source code.

After release of the first (and every subsequent) version of the system we will provide the source code of the solution as well as source code documentation, technical documentation with the description of the architecture of the solution and other Developer’s documentation.

Besides that, since we use iterative methodology, you can see if suddenly something goes not as expected at early stages, you can also follow the development process since we develop software incrementally; in the end of every iteration we are ready to provide you with a subsequent functional and improved software version, until the software completely complies with your requirements.

The transparency of our work (see section Reporting) gives you additional guarantees.


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