On-Board Systems testing framework

We also develop On-Board systems testing framework for effective testing of on-board systems. QA Engineer (Tester) can test devices and modules of on-board systems independently similar to whole simulator testing with using pre-configured On-Board systems states. This technology allows increasing quality of On-Board Systems and drastically decreasing time and expenses on On-Board Systems testing process.

We have 4 levels of testing framework:

Level 1. Device testing:

Device is tested isolated in its own sandbox, when all inputs are preconfigured and can be changed during the testing process simply with the help of setting them by QA Engineer. This allows to test a device separately and without starting all On-Boards systems and working with them for a long time to produce necessary input for some device.

Level 2.Module testing:

Module as a set of devices is isolated from other modules and tested independently. QA Engineer can create input values presets and change each input value in real-time during testing.

Level 3.Aircraft level testing:

On this level all modules are tested together at the whole simulator level. Preconfigured states of On-Board Systems can also be used here to bring On-Board Systems into a necessary state without starting up the systems, turning all modules in the state necessary for testing, etc.

Level 4. Network interaction (e.g. HLA based) related testing:

On this level network synchronization is tested to be sure that, for example, actions with hardware devices made by a pilot simultaneously affect the virtual devices of the instructor operating station. For this purpose two screens of on-board systems exist to check if the changing state is automatically reflected on other screen or not. An automatic script is developed by QA Engineer for each panel that is running over the controls and changes their state together with checking if modifications on the first panel are reflected on the second panel.

Here testing of AI-9 engine module is demonstrated. Using set of input variables and with changing them in real-time, QA engineer can see if Output signals (in the right) and correspondent device goggles (in the top) works correct.

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